About Centered CEOs

Janet Semenova and Angie Rice are professional women and serial entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and expertise who have achieved great success through their unique partnership approach.

Angie and Janet started their first business together in 2017, and in less than two years, Boutique Travel Advisors quickly grew to be recognized as one of the premier luxury travel advisory firms in Arizona.

Many travel industry veterans and other small business owners were surprised at how quickly they could scale their business without falling victim to stress and exhaustion. Angie and Janet attribute most of their success to their personal intuition, outside industry experiences, and the human connections they have with other professionals and mentors from their extensive careers.

Janet and Angie continually re-evaluated their processes and procedures to ensure that they remained committed to their vision and core values. They implemented authentic marketing and sales strategies to attract their ideal clients and sell their value and service, resulting in predictable outcomes and growth. 

By creating a proprietary framework called MAPS, they clearly defined their goals and implemented scalable processes while maintaining balance in their personal lives and business. In early 2020, Janet and Angie decided to share their knowledge, business framework, personal experience, and knowledge with other entrepreneurs. 

Centered CEOs are focused on helping small business owners leverage their expertise, identify their "secret sauce" and ideal clients, and implement key marketing and sales strategies to scale their business and achieve long-term success.

Centered CEOs utilizes proprietary software that revolutionizes the way their clients achieve greater profits.

Janet Semenova, RN, MSN, C-PNP, CHC

Janet has diverse work experience in both healthcare and business. She dedicated over a decade of her life working in the hospital and clinic settings with high-risk patient populations, specializing in pediatric pain management.

She has participated in large scale studies, conducted research, and implemented hospital-wide protocols and initiatives. She served as Adjunct Faculty at Arizona State University, has lectured extensively, and been interviewed many times on live television.

Janet co-founded Boutique Travel Advisors with Angie Rice in 2017 before starting Centered CEOs in 2020.

She holds an advanced degree from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree from Rush University.

Janet maintains her nursing board certifications as well as her health coaching certificate from the NSHC.

Janet's family immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1991. As a proud naturalized US citizen and female entrepreneur, she is passionate about helping women and minority-owned small businesses forge a path to success.

Using her prior work experience and commitment to health, wellbeing, and mindfulness, she is dedicated to helping small business owners learn to incorporate key mindset strategies into their daily lives. As a busy wife and mother of two, she understands first-hand the unique challenges of creating work-life balance.

By incorporating key processes and procedures, she helps other entrepreneurs build more sustainable and profitable businesses that also bring them JOY.  

Angela Rice, CPA, CFE

Angie’s professional experience is concentrated in the fields of accounting, finance, and consulting. She has worked for large publicly traded firms, small boutique firms and founded her own consulting company.

During her tenure, Angie consulted with various types of companies, from Fortune 100 companies to privately-held entities. She has performed complex profit analyses, uncovered fraudulent activity, and conducted solvency analyses and business valuations. An extensive amount of her work has involved construction, manufacturing, distribution, real estate, and professional service industries.

Angie strives to support small business owners through goal setting, revenue assessment, accountability, education, and community engagement.

Her expertise helps entrepreneurs assess where they are profitable and how to better plan financial outcomes. Her first-hand knowledge of running a business while juggling other family obligations to philanthropy also makes her very relatable to other women wanting both personal and business success.

She loves to combine her love of travel and consulting and is passionate about curating transformational retreat experiences that empower, refuel, and educate professionals. Centered CEOs provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed in their business and personal lives.

She holds degrees and credentials in marketing, accounting, and international business from the University of Iowa and Arizona State University. Angie has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Arizona since 2004.  She is also a Certified Fraud Examiner. 

Additionally, she maintains credentials and certifications related to the travel industry. Angie values industry expertise and constantly pursues ongoing education.

Who we serve?

Centered CEOs help small business owners quickly grow and scale their business. Our MAPS framework focuses on making mindful, assertive, profitable, and sustainable business decisions that improve your wealth and happiness.

Our mission is to create supportive communities for successful business owners through programs, courses, and coaching. Running a business requires hard work and discipline, but your work does not have to weigh you down or keep you from living your best life.

Your talents and passions make you unique, and we know that the right clients will greatly value what you have to offer.

Let us help you structure your business to reach your ideal audience without having to compromise how you want to help and service others. We believe that all business owners should love what they do and feel pride in how they do it.