Strategies For Building An Amazing Team

Top Strategies for Building an Amazing Team

Any company that wants to scale and grow needs to invest in building an amazing team. But the truth is leading a team is hard work! There are so many variables that can make the role of team leader a major challenge. But it doesn't have to be that hard.

According to a New York Times Article by Adam Bryant, 

"Leaders owe their teams an answer to the same question that young children often ask their parents before setting out on a long drive: “Where are we going and how are we going to get there?” In other words, what is the goal, and how are we going to measure progress along the way?"

It’s easy to get discouraged when you see that your team isn’t displaying the skills and strengths you want them to have. You’ll probably even spend some time wondering if you picked the right people.

However, before you make any drastic decisions or get overly frustrated, you owe it to yourself and your team to assess the effectiveness of your role as the leader. Are you displaying the leadership qualities that will inspire and drive your team to success?

Perhaps a new approach could drastically change your team’s results!

One of the key concepts that many team leaders forget is that you have to be willing to get in the trenches from time to time! Show your team that you believe in them and lead by example. If your business is experiencing a period of rapid growth and the work is piling up, a good leader will work overtime and help their team get things done. 

If your team is feeling especially stressed or overwhelmed, team-building exercises can create comradery and connection. Schedule activities such as volunteering, sports, professional development days, and retreats with a mindfulness component build In. 

Signs That Team Members Look For

Your team will always look for guidance from above. There’s an unspoken expectation that you will guide, mentor, and challenge them to reach their full potential. 

 Display these concepts to lead your team to the top: 

  1. Willingness to involve them. The first thing your workforce looks for is how inclined you are to include them in matters related to the business's operation.
  • Team members like to know that their input is appreciated. It encourages them to embrace the idea of being part of the team. It also encourages them to share new ideas, be creative, and build loyalty to your company.
  1. Lead by example. The leadership team must follow its own rules, processes, and procedures. If you expect your team to do things a certain way, you must lead by example. 
  • If you want and expect compliance in specific areas from the team, you must be prepared to comply.
  1. Positivity and Integrity. Whether you're the captain of the football team, the chairman of a company, or the CEO of a large organization, your team will rely on you to display integrity and a positive outlook. Core values and a mission statement should be the guiding force behind your decision-making and unite your entire team behind a common goal.
  • If you’re not in agreement with every policy that’s in place, it’s important to avoid expressing your disagreement in the presence of your workforce until you work out the details. 
  • Keep leadership discussions among leaders. Although it is important to involve your team in decision making certain discussions should occur behind closed doors. If you are in a partnership and are experiencing discord, make sure to involve a neutral third party to help overcome your differences without affecting morale.
  • Maintain a positive outlook on the organization even if you’re not necessarily happy with your circumstances.
  1. Recognition and gratitude. There is nothing team members like more than being recognized for their contribution to the team's success and feel appreciated for their hard work and effort. Giving your team members sincere compliments by saying things like "Good work" or "Thank you for your great ideas on this project" will show them that you truly value their efforts.
  • When they see that they are valued, your team members will be motivated to work harder. 
  • By making each member feel important, you’ll have everyone on the team performing at a higher level, resulting in greater success for your team. 
  1. Value their point of view. One of the best ways to get the kind of results you want from your team is to have honest and meaningful conversations. Your team will be aware of issues and problems "on the ground" before you are, and if they feel like their opinion matters, they will be more likely to share their findings and provide actionable ideas to resolve them. 
  • The sooner you embrace their viewpoint and show that it’s a welcome part of the organization, the sooner you’ll be able to build an effective workforce. 

Use these strategies to inspire your team and check out our article on the "Biggest Leadership Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How To Avoid Them"


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