Blogging Cheat Sheet - 17 Formulas To Create Compelling Content


Creating compelling blog content is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and build credibility and trust. Use our 17 formulas to create incredibly compelling and clickable blog posts. Each formula represents a different type of blog post.

Formula #1: How To Guides and Tutorials - When writing guides take your readers step-by-step through a particular process, showing them how to achieve the desired outcome. Use your knowledge and expertise to solve pain points and address their immediate needs.

Formula #2: News and Current Events - Write about relevant news and current events, in your specific industry. Include your own thoughts, opinions, and commentary. 

Formula #3: Controversy - Write about a controversial subject in a way that is helpful to your readers to help them either understand both perspectives or drive home your take on the issue. 

Formula #4: Checklists - Help your readers remember everything they need to about a particular subject by creating an in-depth checklist. Create a version that they can easily edit as a PDF. 

Formula #5: Listicles - Create an extensive list of relevant items to your readers.

Formula #6: Case Story - Show your readers how you or one of your customers achieved success during a specific timeframe. Share an interesting case story that is relatable and compelling. Include the problem, solution, and transformation that was achieved.

Formula #7: Profiles and Interviews - Profile or interview someone who would be of interest to your readers. Include complementary industry experts to create mutually beneficial relationships. 

Formula #8: The Expert Roundup - Gather many opinions from experts on a particular subject and compile them into a single post. Link back to each expert and ask them to share the post on their site as well for cross-promotion.

Formula #9: Reviews and Comparisons - Review a product or compare two different products and let your readers know which one is better and why. This works great as a video as well. 

Formula #10: Resource Roundup - Provide links to a large number of resources that are all related to a specific subject.

Formula #11: Quote Roundup - Gather a large number of quotes that are all related to one topic and compile them into a single blog post. Create inspirational pages that can be downloaded and printed. 

Formula #12: Behind The Scenes / A Day In The Life - Take your readers behind the scenes of your life and business, giving them a snapshot of what a particular day looks like. Turn this into a story series on Instagram and Facebook. 

Formula #13: Data-Backed Posts - Either do original research and write about it or write something based on research done by others. When complex new studies, algorithm changes, or interesting data is released in your industry you should create informational posts in easy to follow language to interpret the new findings. 

Formula #14: Inspirational Stories - Tell your readers an inspirational story related to your business and further your business objectives.

Formula #15: Frequently Asked Questions - Answer questions in your blog post that you are frequently asked in person or via email. A weekly or monthly Q&A series is a great way to get ongoing engagement. 

Formula #16: Top Takeaways - Provide your top takeaways from a particular book, conference, podcast, movie, or another item.

Formula #17: Beginner’s Guides - Create how-to posts that guide beginners through a particular set of actions or processes.

By: Janet Semenova & Angela Rice 


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