How To Avoid Falling For Online Business Scams

Don't Fall For the Nigerian Prince 

The internet allows for information to flow and spread so quickly that a single tweet or social media post can reach millions of people worldwide in milliseconds. It allows us to share ideas, stories, and generate interest in new products and services. Unfortunately, it has also allowed the spread of misinformation, fake news and enabled scammers and frauds to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. We want to show you how to avoid falling for online business scams


"Urgent Business Proposal,

We have thirty million U.S. Dollars, which we got from an over-inflated contract from crude oil.. We are seeking your assistance and permission to remit this amount into your account. Your commission is thirty percent of the money...

Prince Jones Dimka"   

Have you ever received this email or one of the hundreds of similar iterations circulating the internet since the early 1990s? If you haven't, you are in the minority. The...

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