Top 9 Reasons Assertive People Are More Successful

We know that many people find it difficult to be assertive. What many of us do not realize is that assertive people are more successful in their business and their personal lives. In modern western society, passivity is often viewed as a form of politeness. We are raised to make other people happy, even when it comes at the expense of our own success and personal fulfillment. The other end of the spectrum has its own unique set of challenges. Aggression is not pleasing to others and people who come off as aggressive are often dismissed and avoided. There is a delicate balance between asserting your value and needs and appearing overly pushy or aggressive. 

Assertiveness is an attractive option and provides multiple benefits to you and those around you. 


  1. Positive Self-esteem. What could be better for your self-esteem than speaking up for yourself and taking action to influence the world around you? Depression is often caused by feeling a lack of control. ...
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