Blogging Cheat Sheet - 17 Formulas To Create Compelling Content


Creating compelling blog content is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and build credibility and trust. Use our 17 formulas to create incredibly compelling and clickable blog posts. Each formula represents a different type of blog post.

Formula #1: How To Guides and Tutorials - When writing guides take your readers step-by-step through a particular process, showing them how to achieve the desired outcome. Use your knowledge and expertise to solve pain points and address their immediate needs.

Formula #2: News and Current Events - Write about relevant news and current events, in your specific industry. Include your own thoughts, opinions, and commentary. 

Formula #3: Controversy - Write about a controversial subject in a way that is helpful to your readers to help them either understand both perspectives or drive home your take on the issue. 

Formula #4: Checklists - Help your readers remember everything they need to about a...

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