This course will teach you how to analyze your accounting and operational data to improve your financial results.  

You'll learn the THREE key numbers that:

- Increase Your Revenue - 

- Slash Your Costs -

- Explode Your Bottom Line Profits - 

Understanding and interpreting your business' financial performance is one of the BIGGEST CHALLENGES for small business owners worldwide.

The truth is that your business runs on CASHFLOW, but most business owners falsely believe it runs on PROFITS. Let us explain WHY this is WRONG and help you fix it.

$997 one-time fee


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This program is the perfect combination of online resources, tools and support needed to bring your business into the future. It will help you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities. 

We will perform a complete diagnostic on your business to determine the exact steps you need to take in order to grow your business from where it is right now to where you really want it to be.

We will literally hand you a roadmap that outlines everything you need to do, and in the order you need to do it.   

We'll point out the forms you need to complete and show you exactly how to go about doing that quickly and efficiently.

This program includes weekly Professional Group Coaching with our affiliate team and five 30-minute Private Coaching sessions with Angie or Janet.

$4,997 annually



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Mindfulness in Business "Live" Interactive Course

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into


This will be a three-part course hosted by Co-Founders, Janet and Angie. 

Participation is limited to 12 persons per session. Each participant will be given a workbook and assigned "homework" between each session. 

Our next session will take place on April 5 & 7, 2022, from 3 pm-4:30 pm (Central Time) and April 9 from 10 am-11:30 am (Central Time). A Q&A will be offered after each class. The course will be recorded for your future use.   

Upon completing the course, each participant will be provided a 60-minute Private Coaching session with Angie or Janet, which will include an assessment of what you could be doing NOW to take your business to the next level!

$497 special offer


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Most business owners do not know about the marketing and sales strategies that we teach and are failing to capitalize on their revenue-generating power. When you execute our proven strategies, you will create a SYSTEM for your business that will CONSISTENTLY generate a large number of leads, conversions, and sales. When you implement an automated system for your company, you create a self-sustaining model that allows you to rapidly scale and generate MASSIVE profits.  This is where you start to gain not only financial freedom but also freedom of time. When you have the combination of financial freedom and time to do the things you enjoy, your business becomes a source of HAPPINESS and JOY.  

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