Building a successful business is like running an ultra-marathon. You are bound to face adversity and hit the proverbial wall from time to time. Having the right tools and mindset will help you keep going even when you may want to quit. 

But what if we told you that we can PROPEL your business and IMMEDIATELY find you $10,000 in the time it takes to go for lunch and you don't even have to put on your running shoes or leave your office.

Using our innovative approach and proprietary software, we analyze your business and find you even MORE profits! 

Price: $1500



The $100K jump start is designed for businesses generating a minimum of $100,000 in revenue who are ready to MASSIVELY scale. Our comprehensive $100K jumpstart provides a complete, in-depth, financial analysis of nearly EVERY area of your business. 

Covering 40 major areas of business growth, our proprietary software can pinpoint every major financial breakthrough in your business, and then provide you with the EXACT steps to implement so those financial breakthroughs become a reality!

Application required.

Price: $3500

Bonus: Receive three follow-up private coaching calls over a six month period.



90-Minute Power Session with Angie - $250

With her extensive background in business consulting and as a business owner, Angie will help you uncover ways to better manage your business.  She will work with you to set goals that will improve your profitability and long-term success. 

During this session, you will also learn how to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative factors that impact your business.  


90-Minute Power Session with Janet - $250

Janet's formal training, coaching credentials, and personal experience as an entrepreneur allow her to quickly identify mindset issues and pain points that impede businesses. She will offer you clarity and direction, and together you will set realistic micro-goals!  Choose a topic of focus, from establishing a marketing domination position to how to identify and attract your ideal clients. She will guide you to answers and bring you several steps closer to achieving your desired success.


Small Business Profit Secrets No One Else Will Tell You

A step by step guide to RAPIDLY scale your business, create financial freedom, and GUARANTEE success with 8 SIMPLE strategies.

The purpose of this FREE E-BOOK is to walk you through the processes we created to assist small businesses like yours to increase their revenue and greatly improve their marketing and sales strategies. 

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